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Our gardens and grounds are awash in beautiful color. See the full report after the pictures.

Biltmore's Director of Horticulture, Parker Andes, has this to say about September blooms: "September is a month of change for the gardens and grounds at Biltmore.

Once the night temperatures drop into the 50s on a regular basis, the tropical plants throughout the gardens begin to lose color and grow more slowly. Interestingly, some tropical plants like Passion Flower can put on their best floral display as their growth slows. Tropical water lilies begin to reduce in size and leaves last for just a week or so before needing to be groomed.

Carrying the late summer / early fall show are beautiful salvias, Joe Pye weed, Cardinal flowers, Ironweed and ornamental grass seed heads waving in the breeze. The flowers of viburnum and Beauty berry are replaced by iridescent fruit that also attract song birds. The annual gardens are slowly switched over to fall blooming mums while our talented gardeners work to keep salvias and other frost-tolerant annuals blooming right through to heavy frost.  In perennial beds the gingers, dahlias, salvias, goldenrods and anemones provide interest. In the Rose Garden, the cool nights bring on a burst of color and the plants are now as tall as they can be – our bed of Queen Elizabeth rose is over six feet tall and absolutely loaded with blooms."

Parker Andes, sitting in the Italian Garden

Enjoy some of our favorite blooms images from late May.

Tropical container displays outside, inside orchids, Begonia, Heleconia, Dwarf cavendish banana, Medinilla

Shrub Garden

Shrub roses, Abelia, Chinese sumac, Rose of Sharon, Butterfly bush, New Jersey Tea, Russian sage, Beauty berry

Spring Garden


Azalea Garden

Encore azaleas, a few Plumleaf azaleas, Mallow, Cardinal flower, Ironweed, Goldenrod, Turtlehead

Walled Garden

roses, daisies, Geranium, Salvia, Guara, Daylilies, Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus, Echinacea, summer annuals, Gingers, Dahlia, Joe Pye weed, Sedums

Entry and Approach Road

zinnia and other summer annuals, Pink muhly grass, Goldenrod, Ironweed, Cardinal flower, Abelia

Inn on Biltmore Estate

roses, Abelia, Mums, Dahlia, Sedum, Geranium, Obedient plant, Goldenrod

Antler Hill Village & Winery

roses, Guara, Abutilon ‘Biltmore Ball Gown’, Canna, Impatiens, Encore azaleas, Red mussaenda, Vernonia, Hibiscus, Globe flower, Cardinal flower, Florida anise, Tartan aster, Goldenrod,  Pink and White muhly grass, Delphinium, Rose of Sharon, Turtlehead

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